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The sun will heat the grounds, under our bare feet. [entries|friends|calendar]
Danielle Rozbruch

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These walls are paper - thin.
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I am so much better. [16 Jun 2010|10:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

How did I let myself get so sad my entire life?

How am I not sad anymore?

What happened?

My cat Noel is sitting on my lower back just chillin.

I sent my poetry into a publishing company it was rejected but thats okay because it made me work harder.

I have two jobs. At urban I love urban outfitters. I love my managers all 8 of them.
I raped heroin pride at the talent show.

Im actually doing surprisingly well juxtaposed to these other entries. the only difference is I do not punch out as many poems as i used to.

Yet. I am so good. I really am. My life is amazing. Truly amazing.

Im making music with the moonchild she is fantastic.
I have my girlfriends.
I have everything.
And thats okay because I am learning. Gosh I have learned so much
and by no means and i completely sane- truly i am just happy thats the only difference.......

Things, life, people, relationships, cats(like the one thats asleep on my back) are meant to be.
if i have learned anything it is that.

such as weed. and me going insane.
everything is meant to be.
I cannot believe i used to be that openly miserable.
even privately.

painting pictures; bleeding colors

IF you were reading this. (i doubt you would) You might consider it to be, and you would be so right [10 Feb 2008|06:32pm]
How do I know I'm going down the path I want to?
How do I know I'm taking the meds that keep me grounded.
The way I want to.

I don't.
I'm scared.
That's all I know.

& you told me to hold myself right.
i'm so small but i feel too big for my skin.
where did i go
i try to love the unknown.
something isnt right.
so what should i take now, doctor?
painting pictures; bleeding colors

poetryyy [27 Nov 2007|11:06am]
my hair is falling out
i dyed it too much
i really dont know what the hell to do about that
any suggestions..this is kind of problematic
haha at the same time
thank goodness for wintertime
and knitted hats...
good god
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[10 Nov 2007|12:42am]
i'm hurt. i don't know why.
i want to dance.
i thought i was dying the other day.
now we can still get married.
but i might change my mind.
i might change my mind.
and the world revolves around platonic or nothing at all.
maybe i'm just not enough of a chase?
no im fine.
i want to get drunk and dance with my friends at my old university.
i will in two weeks. i miss new york
not as much as i miss
i want to marry you.
and i dont want you to sway it.
by you i mean i.
my hands have an amazing ability to cover my face when i frown
at least im not crying.
at least im kind of sad
just kind of
no. just kind of sad.
i want someone to see me. ive been going un seen.
this potential. you might kiss me.
i might be happy.
i need weed.
slightly missing you,
slightly. both of you. all of you.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[31 Oct 2007|06:10pm]
i wish we got married.
we could have.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[31 Oct 2007|06:04pm]
be happy. everyone be happy.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

This is My first Film [23 Oct 2007|08:54pm]
This is the first film I've made
Experimental Music Video.

Check it out.


shrooms or acid?
painting pictures; bleeding colors

EDIT. [21 Oct 2007|11:09pm]
creating tension in an empty room
and the room caved in on me again.
and the trees are taller than me again
and the breeze was singing for me again.

i gather taste on my stockings from walking in inner city air
and i slept with them on and made the city my own.

I stepped onto gravel
with cars stopping in no parking zones
keeping their promise with yellow flashing hazard lights
"i only stop traffic for you" he would say only to her.
and she would laugh.
She's renovating her house she thinks she said.
she's paiting the walls green.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

Writer's Block: Bump In The Night [26 Jul 2007|03:33am]
What are you afraid of?

the werewolves in my closet.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[23 Jul 2007|11:45pm]
i want to go back in time really, and capture the girl
you loved. and make her me again.

My Writing has been DRY.
so dry. and since it refelcts me.
i'm dry. so i cant imagine why anyone would want to read what i write.
unless you are forced.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[14 Jul 2007|07:46pm]
3 painting pictures; bleeding colors

[06 Apr 2007|02:53pm]
the flea market

I was the gold broche Sitting on a mans table;
I was placed behind a mirror I supposed
Or a ring made out of illegal ivory.
I imagined being behind a glass case
In an air-conditioned store.
Placed next to gold watch bands,
You would point and ask to take me out.
"That pretty piece with the diamond eyes."
You wanted to pin me to your hat.
"I like your hat, that piece is so genuine it compliments the black."
I was back on the table watching the sun sliding down the sky.
I was back anticipating three o' clock.
I was back anticipating the cardboard box
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[10 Mar 2007|04:15pm]
so hot.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

mind (full/less) thoughts [14 Jan 2007|02:39pm]
I sued the drunker.
Laughing in my own head.
Laughing in my friend’s cup.
But I’m not the drinker.
And I’m not sober...
Thinking of my mirror reflection.
And she thinks she's pretty.
Pretty fucking aweful if you ask me.
I left before she got better.
stumbling in the bushes.
she'll never find what she wants.
dazzling only herself.
that's beauty and her beast.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[07 Jan 2007|02:10pm]
it's hard to stop thinking about you.
when you call me.
i'm tidying up the memories of you
to the upper most darkest region of my mind.
with a broom and a couple pills.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

If not you. [31 Dec 2006|01:17pm]
Finding out what's most important.
I'm dancing the strain off my toes.
Hoping you will notice-
How I hold myself better.
I want to bring you to your knees.
Oh, please.
Tired of Waiting.
My love of now gives hold.
In this moment,
You aren't gold.
I am.
And if there was afterlife,
I'd hope to meet you on a cold sunrise.
With the moon's afterglow in our mouth.
Focusing on Now.
At least I have my posture Back.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

The Teacher's Favorite Pet. [21 Dec 2006|09:31pm]
There was a girl who danced in his dreams.
stepping on what's most important.
his organs sang to hers,
as she kicked the strain off her toes.
"She forgot how to breathe"
I was hoping you could teach me.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

[08 Dec 2006|12:40am]
[ mood | this is life. ]

i had a dream

you went hunting.

i woke up

before you returned.

painting pictures; bleeding colors

[27 Nov 2006|11:02pm]
what's really imporant to me...but the little things.
because they are the only things that get me through and through and through and through.

painting pictures; bleeding colors

[17 Aug 2006|03:48pm]
Hi. Goodbye.
painting pictures; bleeding colors

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